ILIFE V3s Max Mavigation Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner and Mopping robot


ILIFE V3s Max navigation smart robot vacuum cleaner and mopping robot APP control 2500Pa large suction cordless wireless vacuum cleaner



Main features:

Gyroscope navigation planning and cleaning, and high coverage cleaning according to the home environment. When cleaning, it scans the surrounding environment in real time to reduce collisions and prevent falls. It can also automatically find areas that have not been cleaned to supplement cleaning.

The Nidec brushless motor imported from Japan has high power, low noise and long service life. The air duct adopts a fully sealed design and follows the principle of aerodynamics. It can provide 2500Pa strong suction and quickly clean the whole family.

Innovative honeycomb cyclone dust box, optimized air duct structure, durable and strong suction and will not block the air outlet, 600ml large capacity, can store more garbage, suitable for large-scale cleaning.

You can adjust the suction power, cleaning mode, and select the amount of mopping water through the app to perform targeted cleaning. You can also check the cleaning status and cleaning path through the app.

The machine can continue cleaning for 120 minutes and is suitable for an area of 150 square meters or more.

The height is only 76 cm, which is much thinner than other products. Feel free to enter the bed and the bottom of the sofa for cleaning.

You can schedule a scheduled cleaning, and when the cleaning is complete, it will automatically return to charging.

The panel adopts IML process, the surface is bright, corrosion-resistant, and fade-resistant

Suitable for multi-terrain cleaning, suitable for ordinary hard floors, such as ceramic tiles, wood floors, marble floors, leather floors, etc.

Product parameters:
Model: V3s Max
Color: Purple
Body size: 315*300*76
Body weight: 2.2kg
Suction power: 2500Pa
Dust box: 600ml
Water tank adjustment: 3 gears
Battery capacity: 2400mAh
Control mode: APP / remote control / mechanical button

Packing list:
Remote control *1
AAA battery*1 pair
High efficiency filter*1
Power adapter*1
Charging stand *1
Cleaning brush*1
Double brush*1 pair
Water tank (including mop) *1
Dust bag*3


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